Interview With One of the best Stock market psychologist


Sanya : Hello sir , So what are your views about stock market ?

Sunil Minglani : hello! , I think that stock market is place where a person with his/ her knowledge can can go as much deep as he wants. The economy works with this market.

Sanya: Sir, What do you think that people those who are actively trading in India and abroad in stock market , commodity market and current market do trading for their living or just as a side hustle activity?

Sunil Minglani : You are absolutely right, there are many people who are dependent on trading and whose income is solely from trading. There are people whose full time job is trading in the stock market. How much money they are making and how successful are they, only they know it better.

Sanya : So how did you learnt this art ?

Sunil Minglani: I use to read 300-400 charts daily so that i could watch and understand that in what manner market is reacting. I use to read and note down whatever i thought was right and the next day i use check whether my prediction is correct or not. It alo use to take time sime some some weeks or even some months.

Sanya : That is really inspiring sir ! So according to you should we trade in F&O and do intraday or just investments ?

Sunil Minglani: As i told most people do intraday and work in F&O it i actually upto them . I have a habit of investing money for minimum 2 weeks which is the ultra short time according me .

Sanya : Sometimes traders see success due to “beginners luck.” There is F&O where one has to pay only “margin amount” and even the “lot size” has been increased now. When a new trader makes money using margin money, they get a feeling that this is a best thing to do for living.

Sunil Minglani:  Brokers induce us to trade by providing margin money. You invest Rs. 1 lakh and the broker will give you Rs. 4 lakh margin money. He will give you the margin money until you have Rs. 1 lakh.

Sanya : What are the some of the trading tips that you would like to give to poeple

Sunil Minglani: People shuld have knowledge when they enter this market so that they do not loose their capital they have and investing for long term or short term is good option than trading with money as beginner .

Sanya: Thankyou so much sir for your precious time ! We today learnt alot from you .

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