Freelancer as a Financial Services Provider

According to the data it is proved that most of the people in the world lack money as they cannot manage their finances. People lack knowledge related to finance and how to manage their money . This is also the subject that is not taught in schools even .

So today let me help you with some knowledge about finance and let me help you with your finances.

As a Financial expert and an analyst I would help you do some research on the finances you want me to manage . By doing research and analysing the data of your company I would suggest some amendments if there . Get some new ideas for investments and manage the finances of the company or even for an individual .

I also help people manage their portfolio of investment as i have great skills of making a precise decision quickly and alo know how to manage pressure in some situations of panic . As a researcher i would look into the history of finances and will create some modules or charts needed in order to manage everything. I would likely maintain a good cash flow of the company so that it has a good amount of liquidity.

To elaborate What i can do for you

  1. Gather Information : Gathering information where the financial position of the company or an individual . Taking out history to know more about the company of the individual so that we can know what mistakes were done in the past.
  2. Organise Information: After collecting data we organise the data in the excel sheet so that the content is readable
  3. Analyze Financial result : When the data re gathered and organised in the excel sheet then we analyse the data like what are the year on year(yoy) returns, what is return in equity(ROE) , Debt/equity ratio etc.
  4. Make Forecast and projections: now that the historical data is analysed , projections and forecasts will be made so that we can understand where does the company stand and what is the future of the company and how is it going to perform. What will be the year on year growth etc.
  5. Develop Recommendations: After forecasting we give recommendations about what changes can be made so that the company makes more profit and generates more revenue and how can the market share be increased and how to cut costs .
  6. Build excel models : The last part is to create excel models especially for investment bankings, corporate development and financial planning. 

Lastly, I would like to say that the most important thing we do is RISK MANAGEMENT and cost cutting . So while investing we do take a risk in order to make profit but we also manage the risk in some way.

Finance is something that we cannot live without or our country might not grow if we might not manage the finances of the country so this is a topic that everyone must need to know about .

I hope that after reading this article you might have got to know what does a financial analyst does and how we do our job.

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